Welcome to 17th Harrow Cub Scouts

We meet every Tuesday in the 17th Harrow Scout Headquarters (HQ), which is located next to St. Anselm's School and Our Lady & St. Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church.

Cubs is run by a wonderful team... and this is how they got their names

Cub Leaders:

OWEN: Akela

CAROL: Raksha - deeply caring and protective

Sectional Assistants:

NATALIA - Hathi - promotes order and dignity, protector and caring

SHARON - Bagheera - the mentor, wise, down-to-earth

RHEA - Chil - helpful and friendly

Pop up and meet the team and join us at [email protected]

Email us at:

[email protected]

Cub Leadership Team:

Owen, Carol, 

Rhea & Sharon

Group Scout Leader:

Tony Visone